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this is my RTTY station, receiving AMTOR (SITOR A) automatic on 8 shortwave channels. the scanner stops when the PK-232 starts syncing on a signal. after the traffic is over the scanner starts again. it works also in transmit mode, so you can setup a mailbox too. my first PK-232 was a clone labled "MUEL", it was not syncing as fast as my PK-232MBX, so i programmed each frequency in 2 following memory channels. RTTY stn TS-430 with PK232
4 diodes, 1 resistor and an optoisolator to stop the scanner of the TS-430, you nomaly press the "HOLD" button, and thats just what the PK-232 does now. the stop signal is gerenerated by the pk-232s status signals "ERROR, IDLE, TFC and RQ". just combine the LEDs signals with diodes and give it to an optoisolator. the optoisolator transistor (or FET) is connected to the TS-430s "HOLD" key. thats all !

the resistor is 220 ohm, soldered to the LED common line (+5 V). the diodes are connected with the catodes to the LED driver IC at the front board. i used shotky diodes, but silicium diodes should also work. the 6 pin DIAL IC is the optoisolator with a NPN transistor output, so the polarity of the connection to the "HOLD" key is important. a FET optoisolator works both ways. i don't show you how i made it in the transceiver because i did it years ago and didend make a picture. all i can tell you is that i soldered 2 wires direct to the "HOLD" key at the front board.

i changed the transceiver connectors to 5 pole DIN to be compatible to my other TNC. the 2nd radio connector shall become a 7 pole DIN with the scan stop signal at the lower two pins, this is compatible to the 5 pin DIN plug. maybe i will make it in the future. PK-232 back
transformer board for decoupling reasons i placed a board with transformers for RX and TX audio at the top cover. it has also optoisolators (other side of the board) for transmitter keying. the transformers were formally used in switching power supplys, the signal quality is OK.
i stripped off the plastic from the original radio connector, bend up the pins and plugged a connector to the transformer board. just plug it
opamp with 100nF soldering ceramic (mica) capacitors direct at the VCC + and - pins of the OPAMPs shall suppress RF noise coming out of the PK-232. i don't it out but i did it.

for LINUX users:

i use minicom as terminal. minicom can initialise the serial port and the PK-232 at startup with some parameters, but its easyer to load all the parameters from the script. you can use another terminal program but the serial port parameters must be set before you start the script. the script can be started from minicom or from a shell.

here is the shell script: pk232.ini.

EPROM images can be found on the repeater-builder homepage

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