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fk 105
The GRUNDIG FK105 was produced in China in the 1980s for China and European market. its also seen with TELEFUNKEN label. 3 types of this radio where made: VHF 80 MHz , 150 MHz and UHF 450 MHz.
the radio is solid and after a long period in commercial service they rarely fail in function.
Its quit easy to make a crossband repeater with two FK105, only a few parts and a short cable is needed. this circuit is simple and the audio quality is exelent. align the trimmpots with open squelch for maximum TX deviation. my repeater is connected to a VHF/UHF antenna with a duplex filter. for best 70cm sensivety it is importand to suppress the 3rd harmonic from the 2 meter transmitter at the UHF RX input. my duplexer was not good enough, so i placed a 70 cm 1/4 wave coax notch filter between the 2m TX and the antenna duplexer. ! that helps ! switchboard
two Fk105, power supply, antenna duplexer
and the 1/4 wave notch
I use it 24 hours a day
for more than a year now.
the FK105 was often equiped with a selcall unit.
it can be used to switch the repeater on and off from remote.

howto fix some FK105 failures

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